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Matt Bromley is a professional Big Wave Surfer, chasing the biggest, scariest waves around the world. His passion, and his passion for others, is to thrive in the big moment.We all have our waves to ride in life. In the face of expectations, fear of failure and the unknown, how does one RISE to their big moment? Matt Bromley has made it his business to take the big moments head on, to say, "yes" to 50 foot waves and ride them with confidence.Join him as he unravels his mind on building a positive foundation that sets the tone for performance in our biggest moment.

"Matt’s speech was incredible.  His content was thought provoking and he told an emotive story that connected with us all.  I’ve had many appraisals from my staff who loved his speech and have applied the principles to their own lives. I found Matt’s approach to be honest and sincere, and his talk to be truly uplifting." 

— Mike Greeff, Owner Greeff Properties

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Carla Ferreira, CEO SALT group

“Matt reminded me to tackle any challenge by calculating the risks, the importance of preparation and visioning the desired result to ensure I achieve a positive outcome. He is an inspiration with his determination to take on the worlds biggest waves and always pushing himself to the limits. ”

Michelle Dickens, CEO TPN Credit Bureau

"One of the best talks! Honest, genuine, engaging, relevant."

Adam Shapiro, Co-Founder of Autopilot & AutoCollect

“I was really inspired by Matt's presentation, he is amazingly humble for someone who tames such giant waves. I am inspired to rise to greater heights in my business life and lift my game in riding (slightly)  bigger waves in the Ocean!” 

Graham Keats, Headmaster Reddam House Sea Point.

"Given his stature as a sportsman, he was held in high esteem by the pupils. He augmented his talk with interesting and impressive photographs and clips. He had an easy, relaxed style which made his message accessible and realistic. He told the pupils interesting stories and they absorbed every word. This reinforced his message. (conquering fear)"

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