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Bigger Wave Surfing with the Bromdog

Big wave surfing is my real passion. We all start somewhere, whether it's Muizenberg or Long Beach. I would love to help you push your boundaries a little more and pass on some knowledge I've learned while traveling the world, chasing the riskiest waves on the globe. 

I believe that we don't start living until we begin stepping out of our comfort zones. 

This 3 hr course is for people of all skills levels, who want to go a little bigger. We'll run through the physical training I do, mental prep, equipment needed etc. for 45mins and then we'll head out for a surf together in challenging conditions.

The course aims to implement the principles that we will talk about.



Simply put, that big wave session out at Sunset with Matt, was one of the best and probably most memorable moments of my life so far. At first, I was in two minds about whether or not I'd be able to handle myself out there, but Matt's calm, confident approach to the whole thing made me feel ready, and amped!

His knowledge of the wave, coupled with all the big wave gear and pre-paddle talk we had on the rocks, had me feeling like I'd lucked into a rare experience that few people find themselves in. And after paddling into a couple of giant walls out there (for me), that session will be etched in etched into my mind for years to come. So stoked. Thanks Matt, yewww!


For one of the scariest activites you can sign up for Matt has an amazing way of making it all feel like fun. Very calm and professsional and most of all helps you get the best waves of your life.Thankyou matt!


"It's one thing to meet your hero it's another thing to train with him. The big wave experience is unforgettable with lots of things learnt and experiences made"

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